Green Party Candidate for Charlottetown

Darcie Lanthier knows that Canadians can mobilize for positive change and understands the need to face the potentially devastating effects of the climate crisis head on. Darcie understands that Charlottetown is especially at risk and she wants to see our neighbours and neighbourhoods thrive.


She sees how investments in efficiency, housing, food security and education will benefit Charlottetown now and for decades to come. Darcie is prepared to work across party lines to bring about policy that is not tied to four-year election cycles, but will ensure our children and their children have a safe and healthy place to live.

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 Not left. Not right.   Forward Together. 

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TO conduct myself with dignity, showing respect to all living things, including political opponents; to never heckle in Parliament and to maintain an exemplary level of decorum.


TO work hard, and earn the trust of my constituents through honesty, diligence and a commitment to service.

Darcie Lanthier is gathering votes from people of all political stripes and with momentum on her side it's looking very good for a Green win here in Charlottetown.

As your Member of Parliament, I pledge to:


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 Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada


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